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A story, a journey in two words

A story ... Papar Hasard:  

Human encounters reveal unexpected journeys.

Coming to the PPH ( P a P ar H asard) means enjoying a simple and unpretentious moment in the heart of a green setting marked by the history of the people who shaped the canal.

The Papar Hasard is above all a country bar that you could see everywhere else but that you will only find here.

Looking forward to see you there,

and if like me, you don't want to leave this valley anymore ...

it will not be Papar Chance ...!

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"A local cook and concerned about quality, I am a client of each of my dishes,

My capacity having its limits, I will never have the pretension of a magnificent gastronomy that I respect with excellence. "


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           My journey

The 2000s saw me cross a good number of cities and different positions for the love of knowledge and the diversity of the proposals related to my profession and my diplomas.

I am above all a cook for good times

but to reassure your future requests, here are some examples that have made me grow both professionally and personally:

- Cook in catering teams in the great west satisfaction of various recognized artists and their technical team (time constraint, dressing room, length of service for optimal satisfaction)

- Cook in a hospital environment (04), knowing how to respect and soften daily life through the taste and pleasure of a so-called "captive" clientele

- Chef for Escale Bretagne (22), center for children, the first audience to conquer, respect and satisfy

- Chef of a holiday village on the Rhuys peninsula (56) (in charge of management and production with the mission of creating a personalized project on site: developing a concept aimed at rejuvenating the clientele)

- Manager of a restaurant within an ecological golf course in Lancieux (22) (democratization of the place, collaboration with local producers, creation of house buffets for up to 80 people, various festive meals),

- Catering manager of the hostel for young workers in Clermont Ferrand (63) (organization, management of staff, budget and orders for various sites, three catering centers and a catering service for demanding customers)

rien n'est impossible - papar hasard
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Do you want to celebrate an occasion, to get together, to make a surprise?

for any privatization request: contact me !

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